Tubeless Toilet Paper – Welcome to the Future!

I know that I raised my eyebrows when I first heard about this. To me this sounded like nothing more than a big fat scam. Where some guy at a toilet paper company needed to save a few buck in manufacturing and thought that he could ditch the tube and then tell everyone this was the next big thing in keeping there butts clean.

Well is it a scam? Or does this actually work and make a difference to toilet paper? Lets have a look shall we.

So Does It Just All Fall Apart?

The answer to this much to my surprise is no. And I was really surprised it took a great deal abuse from tube free toilet papermy three boys. I expected it to just fall apart really and lose all shape. Now towards the end of the roll I will have to say that it did lose a bit of its shape, but if I was not writing this then to be honest I probably would not have been looking at it so closely. Another thing is that it held perfectly well on out toilet paper holder.

Is It Good For The Environment?

One of the main reasons given by manufacturers is that this is great for the planet. And when you hear the numbers it really is. You see In the USA alone a whopping 17 billion toilet paper tubes are thrown out each year. So in this way it is great for the environment, but at the same time some brands are not making the actual toilet paper out of recycled stuff. There are however a few different brands that are making the actual toilet paper out of recycled products. I personally would stay away from the tube free toilet paper that is not recycled as they are blatantly just trying to cut manufacturing costs and could not give a monkeys about the environment.

Is It Expensive?scott tube free toilet paper

Unfortunately I really cannot give this a honest answer. Just like regular toilet paper there are a few different brands. So far since the genius idea of tube free toilet roll was introduced. I know that nearly every time I go grocery shopping that there is some kind of offer on at least one of the brands. So really I would say that its no more expensive, but do not expect to save a ton of money.

Is It Worth It?

If you really want to buy a toilet paper that is green (no not the colour) then buying a good tube free toilet paper that is made from recycled products in both the actual toilet paper and its packaging is a great way to do this. There is no better toilet paper that is as kind to the environment than tube free recycled toilet paper is.

But for the other kinds if you really are accustomed to that nice soft feeling of the leading top brands I really am not so sure. I mean if its cheaper then what the hell go for it, but I do not think that I personally would go out and specifically look for tube free toilet paper.

If you have any more questions about tubeless toilet paper send me an email via our contact us page. Dont forget to check out all these toilet paper coupons we’ve posted over the past month on our homepage