My Guide To Buying Toilet Paper

Yes my fiends you have read this title right. Today I am going to give you guys some hints and tips on things to consider when buying your next pack of toilet paper. If you follow my tips you will not be caught short (sorry for that terrible pun) Before I became a parent and a home owner I never really gave toilet paper a second thought. If I was the one doing the weekly shop I would just grab what one looked the best deal, but when you become a parent and an home owner it really does change your perspective on something as insignificant as toilet paper.

These are vitally important things you need to consider when buying toilet paper.

Cheapest Is Not Always Best

As I am a stereotypical tight fisted Scotsman. I am always looking to save a few bucks here and there. My wife says I would drive a extra 10 miles if it would result in me saving a buck. I used to pick up the cheapest toilet paper on the shelf. You know the kind. Its in the smallest roll in the world. And it feels like sand paper.

However this came at a great cost. You see many of these cheap brands (not all I want to add) have a really tough time disintegrating. This resulted in the drain outside our house getting blocked. And long story short it cost us the better part of a grand to get it fixed. The guy told me that this is not all that uncommon when people use really cheap toilet paper.

Also do not forget when you are using this stuff it hurts like hell!

I found a cool video reviewing Andrex toilet paper. It’s a brand new brand check it out below!

What, Am I Using This Stuff As A Blanket

The amount of commercials for toilet paper is through the roof these days. They are always telling us why they are the best thing in the world. Talking about being quilted. Quilted really? I mean do not get me wrong I am all for comfort, but once I have finished my business last thing I care about is if my butt cheeks are treated to expensive quilted toilet paper.

The moral of this is. You do not need to buy the most expensive stuff on the market. The problem here is that they try and trick you. Every once in a while the top brands (I wont say names as I cannot afford the resulting lawsuit) Anyway some top brands will put there toilet paper on a crazy cheap deal. They do this to try and suck you and once you see how great there stuff is for some (my wife included) there is no going back to the cheapest brands.

Buy In Bulkbulk toilet paper

Before I had a family I would stand in the checkout line at my local store amazed at the people who had big multi packs with 24 rolls of toilet paper What the hell are these people eating I used to think or perhaps they had a kid who needed the empty toilet role’s for a school project. Really it was me who was in the wrong with my little pack of four toilet paper rolls. That in the short term was cheaper, but not in the long.

Since I have had a family we buy these big multi packs all the time. And I swear to god it feels like we go through them all in like a week and that brings me onto my next point.

Train The Damn Kids!!!!!!!!!!kids wasting toilet paper

My kids I am sure waste more toilet paper than anyone else on the planet. The amount they use for each clean up would blow your mind. Its my fault as I have let them do it for so long, but its not to late for you. Tell them until you are blue in the face that each clean up does not require around five full hand full’s of toilet paper.

If you really want to save money on toilet paper the best two things you can do is number one buy in bulk and number two make sure your family is not using to much. I am not saying become some kind of toilet paper police, but there has to be a limit.

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