Eco Friendly Toilet paper – How Green is Your Brand?

seventh generation toilet paper

Now let me get this out of the way here I am not talking about the actual colour of your toilet paper. We today are going to have a little look at buying toilet paper that is not only good for your butt, but it is also very good for the planet. A very interesting article was recently published by Greenpeace who claimed that if every American family would buy just one roll of recycled toilet paper over one of there regular kind that around 400,000 trees would be saved. Even people who do not care about the environment must admit that this is a staggering statistic.

Still though I can in a way see why people are not really that into recycled toilet paper. I mean just the name recycled toilet paper sounds really gross, but recycled and earth friendly toilet paper is much better than you are probably thinking it is.

Of course the material that it is made from will not be as strong or as kind to your behind as the leading brands of non recycled toilet paper. I do not think that even the top manufactures of recycled toilet paper would try and make that claim, but recycled toilet paper these days is closer than ever to being as much like the real thing.

There are many brands of eco friendly toilet paper including seventh Generation I recently wrote a post about seventh generation toilet paper you can check it out here

As well as this to be really green you will want to make sure that the recycled toilet paper you are buying is not treated like regular toilet paper. By this I am talking about how regular toilet paper is treated by chemicals. Think about it regular top brand toilet paper does not become a different jazzy colour, smell nice and be very soft without some chemical tampering now does it?

eco friendly toilet paper

It defeats the purpose of a company making recycled toilet paper. If they are then going to package it in non recycled packaging that is harmful to the environment. I would say that the majority of the time that most companies do a good job of putting on the package whether or not it is made from recycled materials. So just have a look and I am sure there will be some kind of indication.

I am not saying that you need to get rid of your favourite brand of toilet paper all together. But the statistics of 400,000 saved trees do not lie. So maybe next time you are out in the store. How about instead of buying just one huge multi pack. You pick up two a smaller one that you usually buy and one that is made from recycled parts.

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