The True Difference in Toilet Paper by Brand

Before comparing brands there are certain things to look for when buying toilet paper. Unfortunately some of these cannot be seen by just looking at the packaging, you need to test several kinds and see which ones perform best.

Things to Consider:

  • One double roll is equal to two single rolls
  • Toilet paper comes in different thicknesses 1 ply, 2 ply and some are available in 3 ply
  • Users will normally use double the amount of 1 ply versus 2 ply, so this is an important factor when selecting your toilet paper brand

The Three Main Factors of Toilet Paper are:

Softness – this is usually a personal preference of how the paper feels on your skin when used. Some people with sensitive skin may become irritated with certain brands of toilet paper.

Strength – nobody wants to use toilet paper that falls apart as you use it. This is where you should consider the value and cost of a 1 ply to a 2 ply package.

Value – the total cost of the toilet paper is not the most important factor. Instead the value should be determined by comparing the weight of the sheets and the end cost per sheet. The end cost will also be determined by just how many sheets are being used per day. This number will vary greatly depending upon the number of people in your household and if you have young children. Small kids are notorious for using way too much toilet paper!

Toilet Paper Brands

Charmin – ultra soft brand very absorbent and soft. Charmin has a reputation for producing soft toilet paper and uses 2 ply for their brands.

Northern – quilted northern ultra plush tears easily from the roll and consumers rated with an overall great performance for softness, absorbency and tearing capabilities.

Angel Soft – offers a great quality toilet paper generally at a much cheaper price than the major brands. Consumers rate this as a great value for money and a good buy!

Cottonelle – usually offers 1 ply toilet paper and has varieties that contain lotion. While this can add softness it can cause issues for people with allergies. Most consumers rated this as gentle and strong.

Scott – is known to make toilet paper which dissolves and breaks down quickly. Their toilet paper may not be as strong as some other brands but is soft.

Many of the above brands have hypo allergenic toilet paper and paper made from re-cycled products. These can be great buys but one thing to note is that you are normally buying smaller rolls in these packages, sometimes at a higher price. Compare the weight of the rolls and the number of sheets per roll.

Final Buying Decision

When choosing which toilet paper brand to buy it really is a matter of choice. Do you go with the most reputable brand for softness? Or do you try some generic brands? The easiest way to make your choice is to test several brands out. The most affordable way to do this is by using toilet paper coupons. This helps you save money while doing your own testing.

Also consider what the most important considerations are for you and your family.

  • Cost
  • Softness
  • Absorbency
  • Being septic tank friendly
  • Strength

Then choose based upon your priorities from the above list. One good tip when testing different brands is not to tell other family members. Just change the rolls and see if anyone notices anything. Then based upon their comments you can make your final buying decision.



A Review of Charmin Toilet Paper

toilet paper The Charmin brand of toilet paper has been around for over 70 years now. It is made in Green Bay, WI. Today you will recognize the Charmin brand by the commercials featuring those wonderful bears. The advertising campaign is named Call of Nature Bears.
Charmin toilet paper is made from non-recycled paper. Charmin toilet paper is soft but it does contain lotions and scents. Many people tend to be allergic to Charmin toilet paper due to these additional products.
For those with allergy problems Charmin has come out with their Charmin Ultra rolls. The nice thing about this particular paper is that it is strong and stays together. Many other brands tend to fall apart which can be unhealthy and leaves pieces of toilet paper in the wrong places.
Charmin Ultra has no lotions or perfumes and comes in mega sized rolls as well. The rolls are soft and pleasant to use. Larger sized rolls are great for families and means that you don’t have to change the rolls so often. Of course if your kids are small, you may want to stick with smaller sized rolls in their bathrooms to avoid wastage.  Consumers love the softness and the thickness of the Charmin Ultra rolls.
Of course the thicker toilet paper can be more expensive. If you are looking to save some money you can purchase the regular Charmin toilet paper. These packs are normal for rolls of 12 which makes for an economical buy. In total this gives you about 350 sheets of one ply bath tissue.
The basic package of Charmin toilet paper comes in a package of three x four rolls which is easy to store. I usually put in rolls under the bottom shelf of my linen closet, fits in nicely there.

The following Charmin toilet paper varieties are now available in stores:

  • Charmin Basic
  • Charmin Ultra Soft
  • Charmin Ultra Strong
  • Charmin Sensitive
  • Charmin Freshmates

As you see you have lots of different choices and there is practically no reason not to buy Charmin toilet paper. Charmin Sensitive is great for those with allergies or sensitive skin. If you want a really strong toilet paper then choose the Charmin Ultra Strong. Charmin Freshmates are great to use when travelling or to have around a house full of small children.
Prices for Charmin toilet paper do vary but using toilet paper coupons can help you manage your grocery budget.  Have you used Charmin? Let me know by leaving your thoughts in the comments below.

The History of Toilet Paper

toilet paperToilet paper is a relatively new invention and has been around since the late 1880’s. Before this time it is believed that people made do with whatever was around in their location. For those living up north it may mean using handfuls of snow in the winter time. For others it could be using leaves or moss. Apparently in Roman times people used a sponge attached to a stick or handle. The sponge was then placed in water before being used.
There are still places in the world today that do not use toilet paper. Many of these are places where there is no plumbing available. In some cultures such as in India people believe that cleaning themselves with water is more hygienic.
The first toilet paper in the United States was created by Joseph Gayetty in 1857. This toilet paper was medicated and sold in flat sheets inside a box. The toilet paper dispenser as we are used to today was introduced around 1883.
It is estimated that 26 billion rolls of toilet paper are sold just in the United States alone. In 1990 in the U.K. moist toilet paper was introduced by the Andrex Company. Kimberly Clark introduced this in the U.S. in 2001. It is thought to clean better than using dry paper and is extremely helpful for women during their menstruation time.
Today toilet paper is available in different textures, colors and various materials. Some toilet paper manufacturers are making toilet paper from recycled materials and promote these products as ‘green’ or ‘eco friendly’ toilet paper.
At one time people who lived in the country had to be careful about what brand of toilet paper to buy. This was because of septic systems not being able to handle certain materials. Today most newer septic systems can handle the majority of brands. Helping this is the fact that manufacturers have taken the time and effort to produce toilet paper for both types of systems, regular and septic tanks.
Today shoppers are faced with having to choose between so many varieties of toilet paper. Have you taken the time to count the number of brands at your local grocery store? Our issue in modern times is not in knowing what to use but in deciding just which brand to buy!
Toilet paper is a common necessity that we would definitely have a hard time living without. This relatively small item can be a huge cost on our grocery bill each month. Savvy shoppers are using toilet paper coupons as much as possible to help keep costs down.
The next time you are at the grocery store take a good look at the toilet paper isle and then imagine what you would do without all these choices?