Charmin Toilet Paper Giveaway – Win a months supply!

charmin giveaway

Hey everyone I’m excited to announce we will be hosting a monthly Charmin toilet paper giveaway to our readers. The grand prize will be a 24 pack of Charmin toilet paper each month! See below for details on how to enter our Toilet paper Giveaway.

How To Enter

  •  Below are several ways you can Enter to win the more times you enter the better chance you have!
    1.  Fist up you can like us on Facebook just visit ( only one entry per person)
    2. Next you can Subscribe to our blog below. At the beginning of every month I’ll send you new grocery coupons! ( One entry only)


  1. You can also leave us a message “here” scroll down to the bottom and either share a toilet paper coupon you’ve found or why you would like to win a 24 pack of Charmin toilet paper! (only one entry per person)
  2. Finally you can follow us on twitter and tweet about our giveaway each day for an additional entry. Please include our username- @charmincoupons and this Url- in your tweet so I can keep track ! ( max one tweet per day please)

Do You have a Blog or Website?

Share our giveaway with your readers and add a link to your site and I’ll send you $5 via Paypal email me via our “contact us” page for details.

Giveaway Rules

  •  To enter you must be a US or Canadian resident
  • This is a montly giveaway first prize will be awarded on June 30, 2012 and every month after that!
  • Winners will be announced on our Facebook page

Let the giveaway begin!

If you have any questions feel free to email me via my “contact us” page!