Paper Towel Coupons September 2012

Paper towels are so handy to have around the home. You can use them for a variety of things from cleaning up spills to drying your vegetables on them. I always like to have a good supply of paper towels on hand and if you feel the same way I have found some great paper towel coupons for September 2012.

The first paper towel coupon is for Brawny Paper Towels. These have a reputation for being strong and tough. With $1.00 off you can now afford to stock up on these or try them if you haven’t before.  This coupon is available on the Amazon Coupon site which you will find here: You will need to scroll down to the household product section for the coupon. While there take a look at all the other coupons Amazon has to offer, you might just find some useful ones, including school supplies that your kids might still need.

The next paper towel coupon is for Sparkle Paper Towels and this also gives you $1.00 off. Personally I haven’t used this brand so am not sure what they are like. If you have please leave us a comment below so other readers will know whether or not they are a good purchase. Thanks!

You can find this coupon here as well: Sparkle paper towel coupon

As I mentioned before paper towels have some wonderful uses and I wanted to include a few more below:

  • Use two layers to cook your bacon on in the microwave.
  • Dampen a paper towel and use it to remove the silk from your corn on the cob.
  • Use to line the bottom of your fruit and veggie draws in your fridge, helps to soak up moisture and prevents spoiling as quickly.

Let me know if you have any special uses for your paper towels!

Brawny Paper Towel Coupons For May 2012

I thought everyone may also be interested in a paper towel coupon I just found for Brawny paper towels. The printable coupon is as follows: simply buy any one two roll pack of Brawny paper towels print this $1 off Brawny paper towel coupon (Sorry this offer has expired ). This coupon can be used at any store that sells Brawny in the United States only.  I also made a new category specifically for paper towel coupons if anyone’s interested check it out I’m going to start posting all the  paper towel coupons there.

$1.00 off one 2 roll Brawny paper towels

I’ve also started posting toilet paper reviews some of which include  A review of the best toilet paper for the buck or  this Charmin toilet paper review. If you guys want to see a reveiw on a specific brand of toilet paper or paper towels let me know via our contact page and I’ll post it. I’ll also be posting more toilet paper coupons over the next few days for April so check back in with us or visit our Facebook page.