Paper Towel Coupons October 2012

October is a great month for cleaning up your home and putting away items that you won’t be using as much. Paper towels are useful to have on hand when cleaning and I have two  paper towel coupons for you this month. As you can see this first coupon is valid on packages of 8 or larger of the Viva brand of paper towels. You will save $1 off your purchase when shopping at Target.

Grab your coupon by visiting the following website:

October 2012 Paper Towels

The second paper towel coupon is also for using at Target and features the following brand of paper towels.

Paper towel coupons for Oct 2012

The direct link to the page where you can print off this coupon is as follows:

There are many uses for paper towels including being used for cleaning. Paper towels are also great for draining fatty foods such as bacon or absorbing excess moisture. With the Fall season approaching you will probably be making more soups and broths. It is possible to use your paper towels to keep the fat out of your stock. All you do is place the paper towel into the bottom of your colander. Then simply pour the broth or stock through it into a new pot. The fat from the broth will stick to the paper towel while the broth will pour through it.

Another handy tip that a friend gave to me was for freezing bread. Place a paper towel inside the container that you use to freeze your bread. As your bread thaws out the paper towel will absorb the moisture and stops the bread from not getting soggy. Something I will have to try myself!

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