Best Toilet Paper for the Buck!

There is definitely more to buying toilet paper than just looking at the price. With double rolls a popular feature today you need to look at the exact amount of toilet paper you will be buying for your buck!
Quite often it is to your advantage to buy smaller quantities of double roll toilet paper than larger amounts of single rolls. Being a wise shopper can really help you save some money. Toilet paper can be a huge expense and is one of the most common household necessities that we buy lots of regularly.
As any parent knows children just seem to eat toilet paper so it is easy to be tempted to buy some cheaper brands. If you have ever tried this you will no doubt have heard the yells from the bathroom complaining that the paper is hurting their bottoms! Try telling them to use less is a lost cause! So what do you do?
Well my advice is to stick to comparison shopping on quantities and compare brands. Is Scott toilet paper the softest or are Charmin and Northern just as good and cheaper. One good thing about buying toilet paper is that it is often on sale. You can usually find toilet paper coupons for one brand or another at least once a month. This can really help you save you money!
If you are trying to use greener products you can look for those brands made from recycled materials. These brands are becoming more popular and the quality of the toilet paper is increasing. Nothing like that see through toilet paper I remember using years ago at school, which was supposed to be good for the environment!
Septic tank owners have to be careful over which brand of toilet paper they use. Some are just not septic tank friendly. This can hurt your budget so if you are on a septic system buying suitable toilet paper in bulk when on sale is a smart way to get more value for your buck!
So what it boils down to is that even though there may not be ONE best toilet paper for your buck. You can spend your buck more wisely by making good spending decisions. Always check how many sheets of toilet paper you are getting per roll. Ensure that it meets your environmental concerns and don’t forget to check for coupons.
I would love to hear which toilet paper you feel gives you more value for your buck! Why not leave me a comment below?

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