A Review of Charmin Toilet Paper

toilet paper The Charmin brand of toilet paper has been around for over 70 years now. It is made in Green Bay, WI. Today you will recognize the Charmin brand by the commercials featuring those wonderful bears. The advertising campaign is named Call of Nature Bears.
Charmin toilet paper is made from non-recycled paper. Charmin toilet paper is soft but it does contain lotions and scents. Many people tend to be allergic to Charmin toilet paper due to these additional products.
For those with allergy problems Charmin has come out with their Charmin Ultra rolls. The nice thing about this particular paper is that it is strong and stays together. Many other brands tend to fall apart which can be unhealthy and leaves pieces of toilet paper in the wrong places.
Charmin Ultra has no lotions or perfumes and comes in mega sized rolls as well. The rolls are soft and pleasant to use. Larger sized rolls are great for families and means that you don’t have to change the rolls so often. Of course if your kids are small, you may want to stick with smaller sized rolls in their bathrooms to avoid wastage.  Consumers love the softness and the thickness of the Charmin Ultra rolls.
Of course the thicker toilet paper can be more expensive. If you are looking to save some money you can purchase the regular Charmin toilet paper. These packs are normal for rolls of 12 which makes for an economical buy. In total this gives you about 350 sheets of one ply bath tissue.
The basic package of Charmin toilet paper comes in a package of three x four rolls which is easy to store. I usually put in rolls under the bottom shelf of my linen closet, fits in nicely there.

The following Charmin toilet paper varieties are now available in stores:

  • Charmin Basic
  • Charmin Ultra Soft
  • Charmin Ultra Strong
  • Charmin Sensitive
  • Charmin Freshmates

As you see you have lots of different choices and there is practically no reason not to buy Charmin toilet paper. Charmin Sensitive is great for those with allergies or sensitive skin. If you want a really strong toilet paper then choose the Charmin Ultra Strong. Charmin Freshmates are great to use when travelling or to have around a house full of small children.
Prices for Charmin toilet paper do vary but using toilet paper coupons can help you manage your grocery budget.  Have you used Charmin? Let me know by leaving your thoughts in the comments below.

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