5 Tips To Help You Find Toilet Paper Coupons This Month

Like most families we use our fair share of toilet paper and it’s not exactly cheap! So when I first started to coupon toilet paper was one of the first products on my list to get a coupon for. It’s been years since then and I’ve learned a lot about couponing since. In this article I’ll teach you what I’ve learned about finding toilet paper coupons for major brands like Cottonelle, Charmin and Scott.  I’ll show you how to search for these coupons and I’ll show you some of the best places to look online. In the end if you utilize these idea’s you will substantially cut down on the time you spend looking for coupons online not to mention you will be more successful finding them.

To get started you need to choose a coupon your looking for. For this I’m going to say I’m looking for a “Charmin coupon”. Now if I simply search in Google for “Charmin Coupons”  I’ll typically  get a mix of expired coupons and or spam once in a while I’ll find a current promotion but I find it’s rare. If you’ve experienced this in the past your not alone. I don’t even use Google to search for toilet paper coupons anymore. Here’s how I find coupons:

  1.  Coupon Database – The very first place I check is the coupon database at Bargainbinbetty.com/bargain-bin-bettys-coupon-database/ Since I discovered this Database it’s changed the way I look for coupons. Simply enter in the coupon your looking for in this case I’d search for “Charmin” and the database will give you every available coupon in the database.  Which includes every coupon from Coupons.com, Redplum, SmartSource, SavingsStar, Kroger, Publix, CVS and so many more sites. It use to be I’d go to each one of these websites and search for the coupon I’m looking for but not anymore. Best of all the Database is free for anyone to use!Charmin coupons on Bargain Bin betty
  2. Manufactures Websites – This is a great place to look for coupons and promotions. The coupon database I mentioned above does not include these types of offers so you’ll have to check these manually still. Some examples of company promotion pages include:
  3. Facebook  –  Can be a great resource for finding promotions on toilet paper. You’ve got two options here there’s either the company Facebook page like Facebook.com/cottonelle which is fantastic as they often post upcoming promotions or you can check out a fan based page that’s managed by fan’s of the brand like Facebook.com/cottonellecoupons this page can make it really easy to find a coupon for Cottonelle as there’s thousands of fans looking for them.Charmin coupons Facebook

You can basically apply this to any brand of coupon going forward not just toilet paper coupons and if you still weren’t able to find one after going through all the resources I’ve posted above chances are that there isn’t a promotion available this month.  One other thing to mention is that coupons are often released at the start of each month so make sure you repeat this process at the start of every month.

Hopefully this article helps you not only find a toilet paper coupon but also saves you some time and frustration in the future.